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The Copy Chick
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Zava Design, post: 147679 wrote:
It can also be a huge missed opportunity.

Mabye… but that can work both ways. When booking accommodation for a holiday last year, there were a couple of places I didn’t bother contacting because they didn’t have their rates listed on their site. With plenty of other options listing rates, I wasn’t going to bother calling to find out if they were in my price-range or not. I simply moved on to the next site that gave me the information I needed to make a decision.

With websites become online “shop fronts” it’s akin to going into a store where there are no prices on the items. It’s frustrating – as a consumer – to say the least.

Zava Design, post: 147679 wrote:
I’ve lost count of the number of projects I’ve worked on where the client had an initial quoted budget significantly below the final project budget. Chance are they wouldn’t have contacted me at all if they had read some arbitrary prices on my website where their first impression was “Oh, that’s more than I want to spend”. In many cases, the client doesn’t actually know what they need. They may think they do, but there’s a reason – or their should be – why they’re looking to engage a professional: So they can utilise their expertise.

I agree that with service providers (like you and I) that don’t work with set prices that it can be a delicate and difficult area… and most prospects would understand that. But if you were selling widgets at $60 a piece or massages at $80 an hour, I’m assuming that would be the price and the client could either afford it or they could not. In that instance (which is similar to the OP’s situation) unless you were prepared to negotiate your prices, you would have nothing to lose by making your pricing transparent (IMHO).