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The Copy Chick, post: 147737 wrote:
With websites become online “shop fronts” it’s akin to going into a store where there are no prices on the items. It’s frustrating – as a consumer – to say the least.
And yet there are many stores that consciously do just this. Wonder why…?

you would have nothing to lose by making your pricing transparent

…and research that in some cases show otherwise.

I and others have said a number of times it’s more a case by case, business & audience by business & audience decision, not a blanket approach. You seem to be going more down the one size fits all approach and I’m not really understanding why?

And with regards to the OP, admittedly speaking from a non-professional in their area, I would have thought his type of service would be less likely to show prices, as it would be (like a doctor) more a service that is highly personalised to the individual patient than a “one-size-fits-all” approach. But as I said, I’ve never done any research into the relevant target audience so can’t say for sure.