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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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Why would anyone want to target low end customers who stop buying as soon as there is hiccup in the economy, complain the most, refer the least, have the lowest profit per lead ratio, don’t like upsells or cross sells and generally are a pain do deal with?

I’m asking sincerely because i simply do not understand.

Middle end customers will not worry about price until you show it to them and as soon as you do it, better to have an extremely good reason to justify it before they mindset becomes that of a penny pincher- not overused and ambiguous words like “quality” or “Service”

Quite frankly, most visitors do not buy on their first visit. If they come back and buy based on price, the seller has not done a good job of differentiating themselves based on price, quality or total experience.

This is where a lead magnet comes into play so when they do return, they feel like they’re returning to an authority site that they can trust.

Shane Walker, post: 147823 wrote:
Hi Mesmer!

If you are looking at middle to low end customers, then, it is a good idea to place the pricing on your website as to remove obstacles and get them to perform the chosen action quicker.

Hope this helps.