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One of the main suggestions I got from the many posts here was to find out where we were going wrong…..so I emailed out to our database today, asking what we can do to make their experience with us better and am so pleased with the responses so far. It has been quite surprising actually,with suggestions ‘to take bookings as they don’t like just turning up and hoping for a table’ (we have been taking bookings for the last year or so, so this highlighted how we haven’t been keeping guests up to date with changes). Another was to offer byo wine, which we have been thinking of doing for a while and another was that the old place had a different feel to it, more intimate and cosy, which is also along the lines of what we were thinking (however i dont think this can be amended at the new premises). One even suggested a crèche as they had just had a baby and no longer got out much anymore!

Unfortunately I think we may just be a bit late in realising our problems as this weeks trading has been really bad and we probably won’t be able to pay our rent. My next plan of action for early next week (before the landlord comes with the chains and padlocks) is to email out again, advising of a few updates to our restaurant that we can do without having to spend any money (ie introducing byo wine and letting everyone know that we definitely do take bookings, a slight price decrease of our menu items and improvement of service and staff) and also being upfront with them about being very close to shutting for good. A last ditch effort some may say……and I agree.

Ps on the bright side-no unsubscribes….yet?! :-)