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The Barefoot Marketer
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Erik, post: 146109 wrote:
Hi James

Sounds interested – can you share some more info on how you work your magic?

Maybe a case study?

Businesses that have been trading for a few years whether they realize it or not build up assets that can be leveraged without any increase in their advertising budgets to create a massive impact in their bottom line.

A recent project for a small NSW name badge manufacturer involved me developing their USP by researching their company, target market and competition.

This USP was then integrated into their entire sales process to differentiate them from the competition and generate more response from their current advertising.

I am now working with the same company to develop an automated online sales system. The new website should be live by (aiming for 18/1/13).

We will then rollout a direct mail campaign to their database of past and present customers driving them to the new improved website containing all the benefits of doing business with my client over their competition.

Your past and present customer base is your businesses buggest asset yet so many companies are to focused on new customer acquisition to get all the value out of people who already know and trust them.

I will post results once we rollout the direct mail campaign to the customer list.

James Brine
Direct Response Marketing And Copywriting Specialist