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JohnW, post: 147695 wrote:
Hi Nick,
I think we have to wait and see for authorship markup and SEO. A lot of issues to be assessed including:

1. Will it become a widely used attribute?
2. What does it really contribute to search result relevance?
3. Can it be abused for SE spamming?

Yes, we’ll have to see how it all pans out.

JohnW, post: 147695 wrote:
I may be misunderstanding you but I’m not sure I see website “authority” as a real ranking parameter. To me it is a construct used to help make a very broad assessment about a website. Eg. Facebook will be assessed as having a huge “authority” but a link from a Facebook page will be almost worthless in ranking results.

Rather than an individual signal, I tend to use the word ‘authority’ to represent the result of Google’s various link / importance signals.

So if you have two webpages with the same relevancy for a particular query it is their authority which sets them apart and determines their ranking.

A bit vague perhaps but reasonably close to the general (offline) meaning of the word.

Also, authority will vary by subject. Just like in the offline world where a doctor is considered to be an authority on medical things but we need not pay much attention to anything they say about bridge building.

And its in that way that I could see authorship markup being useful. Google can analyse all of the articles you’ve written on a particular subject, including link signals etc. and this use analysis to better assess, and reward, new pieces of content by that author, even if its on a totally new website that no one cares about.

JohnW, post: 147695 wrote:
I’m really only 40 years old but I’ve been involved with the Internet for near 19 years now and everything ages twice as fast in this world.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Thanks for the comment. :)
Best regs,

Lol, at least you’re smiling in your photo!