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Wow, this really did spark a great debate. Loving some of the answers coming out of this.

John W – I completely agree about the term, black hat and white hat has somehow got tagged on to SEO when essentially it was used with hackers.

After taking a step back from this post to see what others views were, I have come to my own conclusion which relates to many comments here, that white hat is actually just natural online marketing where links may be pointed to your website from hard PR work.

White hat is not purposely finding links which is exactly what the SEO business has now become. Many SEO professionals purposely look for a way to game Google (strong word that is not meant in a derogative fashion) but in a more clever way, trying our hardest to stay within Google’s so called guidelines which are forever changing.

So are SEO professionals technically all Black Hatters? OR are they Online Marketers which are also providing SEO value?

My opinion is that there are many black hatters out there but there are also many real online marketers that work at promoting their clients websites using REAL different online PR methods that naturally over time build traffic from the source as well as gaining that important SEO value.

Comments Welcome!!

Cheers Guys