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John Romaine
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JohnW, post: 148131 wrote:
With respect, SEO is long term if implemented correctly.

You’re right. I should’ve been clearer. My apologies John. :)

What I mean was, a large majority of business owners are obsessing over Google and “getting rankings”. They’re not investing much time towards creating content or engaging with their audience. I see it all the time ..”We want to be number one in Google”, and yet they have a 5 page brochure site.

Its like trying to push a Datsun Sunny down the quarter mile in 9 seconds. Its not going to happen.

Sure, onsite SEO is long term, because well, that makes sense. It has to be in place to get found. But business owners simply investing in nothing but SEO to get rankings is total wank factor. It means nothing. A lot of SEO firms understand that most business owners have no idea – and they’re taking advantage of that. Everyone in the industry knows this. Link building, and offpage optimization are all well and good, (and it sounds nice) but they’re only ever going to be short term, unless they are sustained (ongoing which is costly) OR, the business owner invests time towards actually DOING something with their website – after years of experience, most business owners are too lazy. They start out with great intention, “Sure, we’ll shoot videos, sure we’ll write articles” – it never happens.

Getting on first page of Google today means nothing tomorrow. Its a short term strategy, and its flawed thinking. Being Google dependant is dangerous. I’m sure a lot of business owners are at their wits end being first page one day, gone the next, and then having to deal with webmaster penalty notifications and expensive PPC bills. (but of course PPC is separate – I just thought Id throw that in there to add a bit of drama) ;)

In any case, SEO is only one small piece of the traffic pie, and this is where business owners need help.

JohnW, post: 148131 wrote:
IMHO, content is one key issue but if there is no plan to distribute it online, people will likely be wasting a lot of time writing and publishing it.

Agree, absolutely. And this is where business owners need help. Content syndication is critical, but more importantly – tracking what works.

JohnW, post: 148131 wrote:
When it comes to online distribution nothing beats search engines. (With rare exceptions.)

Email marketing kills search engines. As does VIDEO.

JohnW, post: 148131 wrote:
Building a brand is important in marketing but brand searches account for less than 5% of how people find products or services online.

Thats because established brands dont need search engine traffic. People go directly to the source.