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If your concept of a “desktop” is limited to a place where one sits at a desk in a traditional office style environment, as I am now, then using a touch screen is not that brilliant; that said, it’s not without its charms. This does of course depend on how you configure your desk, and the manner in which you’re using your computer. If you spend you day doing data entry of some sort, it’s probably not for you.

But, for many computers users, there isn’t really that much typing to do. Much of their day is spent using applications and reading information on the screen rather than entering it. In many such environments, touch screens, “desks” and software designed with touch in mind greatly improve usability.

No one would question touch screen use in hospitality or retail, and I always feel sorry for the front desk staff at Commbank who have to manage a keyboard and trackball/mouse while standing. They look most ungainly. I also have an architect friend who stands at his desk. For him, large touch screens can’t come quickly enough.

The moment we stop sitting and instead stand at our “desk”, wherever or whatever that might be, touch becomes completely natural for the simple reason that we move the screen to be nearer our hands than our face.