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Here’s the update. Little later than planned, but happy news:
5 RSVP’s here on FS forum so far, and
19 RSVP’s on Meetups group!

A couple of those are from here as well, so the actual number will be 22 or so. So much for the small intimate group idea. ;-) There may be a few last minute “so sorry but..”s that don’t come, but I’ve made a booking for 25 and will see what happens before Monday morning, when the Meetups site RSVP period ends.

To those who can’t make it this time around, I will be doing more meetings soon. You can keep up with it all at: http://www.meetup.com/Perth-Solo-and-Small-Business-Owners-Hangout

I’ll be sure and send something through on the forums here as well.