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JamieR, post: 0 wrote:
I can see the value of instructional videos or tips and tricks but as a graphic designer I haven’t been able to think of a worth while video to post. I also think that if my videos were to work I would need to present myself on camera and I’m not comfortable with that, camera shy so to speak.

I am pretty shy of the camera too. The kinds of things I thought are:

1. I don’t want my Australian Accent to scare off potential US buyers
2. I’m not sure where to start.

To counteract all this, I took a short course on making a landing page video. I found that:

1. You don’t need expensive equipment
2. The most important part is your script
3. You are a harsher critic of your own work than anyone else is

I documented my process for making a video here: http://www.sweetprocess.com/blog/recording-your-own-product-video/

Feel free to take it and improve on it.