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Karen is correct regarding the need to keep a log book for 12 consecutive weeks (we recommend to select your 12 weeks that are your busy periods business wise) This is required to claim the log book method (ie this allows you to claim depreciation or lease repayments on car, all running costs and interest on any loans)

What you need to keep in mind is if your business usage in minor you may be better off claiming the per km method. I would suggest talking with your accountant to detainee best method for you. Saying that as you appear to have just started trading it may be tool early to determine business usage. Given this you may wish to consider claiming all car expenses at 100% in each BAS and make an adjustment for private usage in the final June BAS, this also goes for any other expenses you may have private usage on. This method is acceptable to ATO for small business. You do need to keep in mind you may owe ATO more in GST in your June BAS, but at same time gain benefits in previous BAS

Hope this is of help and all the best with your business journey