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Tingle, post: 147144 wrote:
We’ve been doing a lot of research in the referral space. Vouchfor is a good product, deals present well, they don’t take a cut and easy to set up.
Referralcandy we haven’t tested, it looks sound but they do take a cut of referred sales which decreases only with a chunky monthly subscription.

I am comparing vouchfor with curebit at the moment.
I filled in the demo form on the vouchfor site but they never got back to me.

With vouchfor, how is the request sent? Do you export your email addresses and then use their panel to send the emails? Or is it automated some how?

From what I can see, vouchfor is email based while curebit provides the request for referral after you complete the checkout.
I’m not sure which is the best approach for higher conversions.