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I know exactly what you are saying… I’ve spent 5 years building the business and getting it to where I wanted it to be and then after taking another year to write my own Business Workflow Solution GFC hit’s and all my prospects (which are still keen mind you) don’t have the cash-flow to be able to afford a new solution.

Then at the same time, something happened with my accounts (an employee at the accountants did something) and now the ATO what a HEAP of mone, which I don’t have and they aren’t willing to correct the issue, they say pay first then you can get a refund later…

So whilst sitting in the Red (Big Time), I’ve seriously considered ‘the dark side’, but keep returning to the propect that I’ve done it once, I can do it again. My honesty and continuous referrals have done my well before, so there is now reason why it shouldn’t again… I’ll just drop my rates a bit till I build everything and then slowly increase them.