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During the recession we had to have, my business suffered as did many others, but the cleaning industry for the soloist was a disaster. Just about lost everything I had, but managed to hang onto “Shewhomustbe”.
I managed to pick up some releif work cleaning schools, then very slowly I started to inch my way back. It was a long hard struggle, then I saw an ad for a cleaner, which I applied for and got about 20 hours a week.
My business started to move again and I had to start putting people on to cover the workload. Funny but I still had the 20 hours aweek from another cleaner. I did think about leaving but I enjoyed the work and got on extremely well with my boss. I told him what was happening, and he asked if I wanted to quit or stay on.
So i chose to stay on. This part time employment gave me the breething space I needed allowed me to get my self and my business back on growth, which it did.

Four years later when I turned 60 I decided to reduce my workload and just concentrate on the cleaning side I enjoyed the most.
For the next five years my ex boss would phone asking advice or could I do a small job for him.

Going back to the “Dark side” as you put it can be of great benefit to you and eventually help to build your own business. Use it as a platform. Plan your moves, and quietly develop a business plan that will work for you, then gradually ease yourself back into your business without cutting the cord.

If this is not what you want, find a spouce who is prepared to back you by living off their earnings until your business starts to make profit.

What ever you decide to do weigh the pros and cons before you jump in