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Dinus, post: 146951 wrote:
I’m curious to see how others have dealt with the urge to go back to the dark side? What triggered the urge, and what did you do about it? What effect did your partner have?

Even at my worst moments – no. Hell no.

Prior to my current business I was self employed for around 7 years. Prior to that I was an employee. Here’s the crux – I suck as an employee. I knew this and thus the reason I became self employed then took the step to actually starting my business.

I’m single so it only affects myself and my pet-kid Marnie ;) (my cat)

I could never go back to being an employee unless there was really “something” in it for me professionally for my business overall. You see, even then I’m thinking of how it could benefit my business and thus I’m not a ‘true’ employee.

Why am I not tempted ? Easy. I just know my strength has always been in “being my own boss” and I really suck at working for someone else.

Even tried it on a commission basis one time when I was self employed. Guess what, it didn’t work out LOL! :D