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Brooke Curline
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Dinus, post: 146951 wrote:
As a soloist (mainly), I’ve had my share of ups and downs over the years. And there have been moments where I have pondered, just for a second, whether life would be easier if I had a ‘normal’ job. Of course I then slapped myself and reminded myself of why I love being a freelancer, and I moved on.

There have also been times when my partner has tried to talk me into getting back into the rat race.

I’m curious to see how others have dealt with the urge to go back to the dark side? What triggered the urge, and what did you do about it? What effect did your partner have?

I thought about it this morning also ! My husband was made redundant in November and I am a commission only sales agent, so the pressure has been on. Some days, I can’t get a deal to save myself and others they come rolling in, so it is always a “wait to see what tomorrow brings” mentality. I was offered a very good job with a household brandname about 6 months ago and as tempting as it was, I like working from home and realise how bad the traffic is when I do have to get back out there to see clients occasionally. My husband has been nothing but supportive, although I have just decided to stop supplying a couple of big clients as their professionalism has left a lot to be desired, so maybe I will be having these same thoughts again next week………it goes on :)