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I’ve thought about it occasionally. Usually when something has gone astray and the cash flow has disappeared. One time it was when my husband had a heart attack and ended up in hospital and then recuperating for some time after that (many years ago). I stopped doing anything in my business as I was at the hospital every day and it just dried up. Went for interviews for a job and at one was told the interviewer would give it to me, except they were scared I’d be after their job next. That kind of gave me the resolve to get back and start marketing and promoting again and I took on a small 12 week role (at my husband’s boss’s company funny enough) which cured me for quite some time of wanting to be back in a job again.

Another time I was in a slump and the new Pastor of my church approached me, asking if I’d be his PA. I told him only if I could bring my business with me. He must have wanted me badly because he said yes. But after 2.5 years in someone else’s office, even if I was still looking after my business too, I really missed being in my own office and left that role. I had given notice many months before but when they still didn’t find a replacement, I left anyway.

I feel stifled when in a job and love the freedom of making my own choices (even if wrong ones sometimes) and being free to go out when I wish. Like FS meetups for example :D. I guess being in business for almost 19 years, it’s become a habit and I just can’t be contained inside the 4 walls of someone else’s office.

Moral of the story – never stop marketing, networking, promoting.