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WhatsThePlanDan, post: 147929 wrote:
I too say thanks for the comments about failing as an employee… sums up where I am right now!

I just want to take over the reigns and show them that if we just put a little bit of innovation and investment in HERE we can blow our competition away, own the market and stop shedding staff to “save costs”.

On top of that I’m sitting here seething after just having had a meeting with my “boss” where it was implied that the company own me and will decide what I can and can’t do with my life and when… 😡

Now… where’s that business plan gotten to… 😎

Isn’t this where all good business ideas come from? Seeing a market niche, or how badly something is currently being done.

Whether or not your idea is better is subjective I guess, but that’s the point where you have to decide to back yourself or not.

Never liked the idea of anyone “owning” me, multiply that by 25 for a company, especially if their mission statement has been crafted by an MBA from Harvard.