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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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I’ve been on the dark side since 2007 and the concept of employment, working for time and effort is still new to me. I just dont get the pigeon hole aspect of a job.

Prior to this i was self employed ever since i finished uni in 2002.

Not a happy camper like most who have a j.o.b. but there are many things i’ve learnt mainly time management and prioritizing work, handling difficult clients and office politics.

In the past, i would just fire a client. looking back, i could have used my “new”found skills to set expectations and work with the various types of personalities.

I also truly understand the difference between self employed and having a business.

When i was self employed, i saw “big” companies as a threat. In reality, they are always behind provided you are ahead, slow to change, weak marketing and customer service, and there is usually just one or a few who make decisions.

The decision makers are more interested in their career and looking good in front of their boss than roi. No wonder marketing consultants make a bundle without having to measure real results ie sales and clients.

Finally, it gives me the break i need to rethink my strategy, the money to fund a business venture and a fully maintained vehicle of my choice that gives me piece of mind.

Anyone who has roller coaster income should seriously consider going to the “dark” side for a year to gain perspective and reflect.

Am i changing my tune? Nope. Just being pragmatic.

There is somehjing worse than no or few clients and that is having too many clients without a smooth running operation and having no timw to learn how to hire, manage, grow, etc.

Saying i have a business while being self employed is delusional and dangerous because my income stop when i stop.