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Warren Cottis
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Hello Yes

You are asking a standalone question scenario about your video and there is nothing about marketing that is standalone.

So for instance… with regard to the length of the video it has be judged relative to the market audience that you are targeting it for… and driving traffic to.

You lead out in it with your first moments targeting the people who are completely frustrated with their current situation which is not the reviewers here.

Those people have already experienced the usual argy bargy and they are going to know their stuff… so I think what you lay out is completely needed to build some ‘possible’ credibility which induces them to call

You need a telephone number in big numerals in the closing frame.

Now… fair’s fair…. would you please give us more detail on this $50 production please?

Yes Logistics, post: 147096 wrote:
Thanks for the critique guys.

Im using fiverr at the moment as a trial an error for our videos to get the right message across. Once we have nailed that down and know exactly how we want to move ahead i will happily dump the $4000-$7500 for a professional video.

$50 spent is alot better than what it may cost for a professional job straight away and then not see the message you actually want.

So from what i’ve read (for my notes)

45 – 90 sec would be ideal
possibly some v/o to explain things.

I guess my main question is what would you want to see there to say “Ï’m calling them now”