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Your site needs to answer this question ‘Why would I pay $50 / month for a CMS when I can use a world class platform that everyone is using (WordPress) for free”. Or square space where I pay $0 up front and less each month.

I think you can’t build something better than WordPress given they have a decade & hundreds of thousands of developers head start.

WP & square space do all of the things mentioned on your features page & 1000’s more.

If you want to try to sell something that’s not as good then pick 1 or 2 pain points. Security could be 1.

Personally though I think it’s an up hill battle & you are better focusing on services. The days of web companies having their own CMS are numbered. You can definitely add value with services and WordPress or square space can’t compete with that.

A few more things:

Sell a solution to a pain point. A CMS is not a pain point. Small businesses don’t care what a CMS is. They care about their website not being hacked or having a support team that will respond in 20 minute to any email. Drop the focus on the CMS.

The site focuses on the CMS but the first point is about making sites that rank in Google. This is a service issue not a product issue. Be clear about what you are selling.

You talk a lot about displaying on mobile devices yet your site displays the normal full size web version on my iPhone.

Honestly if it was me I would choose 1 pain point and focus 100% on that. Make it a service pain point not product – you can’t win at product. Test a bunch of them by doing different pages & testing engagement / conversions. I think an awesome one would be the ability to respond to every support request within 20 minutes.

Tough industry good luck.