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Dan you’re talking from the perspective of a professional web designer / developer.

You say it’s bad to market your own CMS because WordPress is better. Then you say businesses don’t know / care about what a CMS is. You can’t use the same argument from both corners. Either businesses care about what a CMS is and want to use WordPress or they don’t care about what a CMS is and therefore don’t care what CMS they use.

A CMS is a pain point in so much that small businesses want to be able to edit their own content. And it’s also a pain point because they want to do it easily. Easypees is addressing both of these issues. Sure in YOUR eyes WordPress is the obvious choice – but to many small businesses it’s not.

I also have my own CMS and when businesses ask if I use WordPress or Joomla! I say no, that we have our own tailor made CMS developed specifically for small businesses. And you know what – they dig that.

You might be an expert in the field of web design / development / and SEO, but in terms of marketing, I think you’ve a lot to learn about the nature of people.

Cheers – Phil.