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I have to agree with Dan. I don’t see any advantages to a design company using their own CMS.

1. Updates, both security and feature. How often is it updated? What happens to the project if the designer’s business goes belly up or if they decide to stop supporting the product?

2. Features / ad on’s . Whatever you want, WordPress and Squarespace can do it.

3. Portability. If a company is not up to scratch with support or uptime, the user can’t take their site to another host.

4. Design upgrades. Want to use another company to create a new design. Sure, but you need to learn a new CMS, and all those blog posts? Gone.

Phil, when people say they dig it, do they say why? I have never had people ask me why I don’t build my own CMS, but I have had a few people unhappy with being stuck in a design specific custom solution that has very few features and zero freedom of host / designer movement.

When you are buying a computer, you will either get a Mac or a PC with Windows. If someone in a computer shop tried to talk you into using a operating system they created themselves, what would you say? No, of course not.

Worpdress, Joomlia, Squrespace etc. have spend 100,000’s + of hours on their product. I can’t compete with that, and can’t see any point in trying. Why reinvented something that doesn’t need reinventing?