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Thanks all for your ideas. I think I’ll have to think about the message I’m trying to put out there.

Dan, you’ve raised some good points about focusing on the term CMS. The reason I have focused on it in this case is because I have countless clients coming to me asking for one… To be honest, I don’t recommend a CMS to most of my clients as you lose a little flexibility and security when using one, whether it be EasyPanel or WordPress. It does however seem to fill a gap in the market, and is a perfect fit for some businesses.

There’s people that have been told they need a CMS, and some that have done a little more research and know about WordPress. Then there’s the people that haven’t heard of a CMS or WordPress before, but would like to edit their own website. I will need to think of a way to make the website be informative to all 3 types of people.

Wordpress is still too complicated for my clients. This is where EasyPanel comes in. EasyPanel also has a range of features/tools built in pertinent to small business owners. There’s WordPress plugins that can do this too, but they’d have to be installed… and there’s the risk of them not being compatible with the theme, and they could stop working when a WordPress update is applied. All this costs extra for the customer.

Then there’s security. WordPress is big, so is an attractive target. It’s very well keeping WordPress up to date, but who pays for the updates to be applied? The customer.

I think I need to make these points stand out more on the site.

Thanks all for your feedback.