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I like the look of your package, and from my experience there’s plenty of small businesses that want an all in one solution if the price is right.

I can’t see any problem with the set up costs, but the small service based businesses I deal with would probably baulk at the monthly fee (unless they’re getting a pretty solid ROI off the site) … I don’t think it’s expensive … but I have a fair idea of how much work is involved in looking after the backend.

I notice you’re promoting responsive design, great, but I think this site needs to be responsive too.

I only build a few sites for the small end of town, mainly service businesses that arrive via other business dealings, the frustration of trying to get a return using conventional CMS’s led me down the Squarespace path a while ago … so far it’s been brilliant … no server side maintenance, or security issues and cheap enough I can pick up a margin from businesses that want me to manage their sites (most).

In the longer term I think the biggest thing your up against is the economy of scale these hosted platforms have. That said, the fact you already have clients onboard means you must be providing what they want, so good luck with it.