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IncredibleCo, post: 147171 wrote:
Hi Matt,

They like it because it’s simple and user friendly. Bit like a car with automatic transmission. Does a manual car allow for more control – sure it does. But is an automatic easier to drive – for a lot of people yes.

Here’s another analogy. Have you ever gone 10 pin bowling? And seen those barriers that come up preventing the ball from going into the gutter. Doesn’t that just plain old ruin the game? Make it ridiculously easy to score? Personally I think they’re lame. But there must be a lot of people who want them, for them to have gone to the trouble of building it.

For a lot of people. Having something that’s open source, had countless hours invested into it, is modular etc. means nothing – they just want it to be easy. If that means limiting their options – they’ll gladly limit them.

It’s human nature!I guess my main point is why bother? Unless, like Zara suggested, you are doing aiming eCommerce or a specific industry.

The established ones are all very easy to use already. For WordPress for example, I customise the backend to make is super simple for my clients to update. I’ve never had anyone complain that it’s too hard, because it’s not.

Personally I would much rather spend my energy on other things than ensuring that the CMS is secure, and is being upgraded. (Note, I am assuming that the CMS is a totally unique one, not white labelling something else)

Each to their own though! My opinion is just that, my opinion . I’ve (and some clients) had some bad experiences with them which is why I don’t think they are a good way to go. Ultimately the client doesn’t care, although when people are researching sites before they come to me, WordPress normally comes up as a good solution, which makes my job of selling it much easier.

Zava Design, post: 147129 wrote:
But you do need to offer something different, or aim for particular niche. eg. hosted ecommerce solution, particular industry …etc.I agree.