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Fiona @opshoppers, post: 147093 wrote:
My Facebook Business page had been performing well in 2012.

I had a regular budget of $50 a week.

I Photoshopped a nice advertising image that was simple, yet effective.

My ad copy had been perfected to a short and snappy paragraph.

From mid December till Xmas, my page was averaging about 30 likes a day. I was happy. I increased my advertising budget and created 3 NEW Facebook ads to run simultaneously. Same wording. Slightly differing images. I looked forward to an influx of fans to my page.

The result? NO LIKES at all! Not ONE since New Years Eve.

I have no idea what is going on! Have I made some sort of mistake? Are Facebook ads becoming way more competitive?

I’m confused! HELP!Are your ads showing? How are you impressions?