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You also need to consider though down the track you may meet the personal service income exemption with multipal clients and employees, the issue would be on timing how long down the track before this takes place. Though the personal service legislation would be the same either you operate as a company or trust.

Also in NSW Work Cover still requires trusts to pay workers compensation for working trustee/directors even if no wages paid it is at calculated at commercial rates

With regards to Trusts though they are a good vehicle with regards to running Investments, they are not the ideal structure for running an operating
entity as there are restrictions. For example cannot access many government grants, cannot offer down the track employee shares and if profits are high at the end you are likely to still require a company to transfer excess profits from the trust to minimize tax at 30%

Trusts also have a lot more restrictions on accessing past years lossess which needs to be considered

You also need to consider if you do form a trust, do you have beneficiaries to take advantage of the trust

Business structures are complex and business owners should seek advice and not only go on hear say as each persons circumstances are different and what works for one may not be suitable for another

Also if the business requires lending, accessing via a company limits the risks as banks tend to require more guarantees if lending via a trust which inturm could expose trust assets