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Anna has provided some great points there. If you sat down with Anna and sat down with me, you might get 2 different opinions as to the structure to use, or you might get the same. There is no magic formula, different structures have different pros and cons and professionals will advise on what they think is best for you in your situation and based on their professional experience.

I like trusts for trading entities up to a certain size and for a lot of purposes. I personally use multilayered trusts in property development and professional businesses.

I have private equity clients who buy stuff in the 100’s of millions which utilise companies and rightly so.

I also have startups that utilise companies (although individuals may own the shares through discretionary trusts) because of the multiple different owners and the ability to allocate share capital to other parties. We do rather indepth share agreements at the startup stage to protect the shareholders. A trust would not suit these types of clients.

We do a lot with technology clients who seek to make use of venture capital to expand their businesses (hello the Bay Area in San Francisco in February), again the business itself is a company.

I, as a rule, do not like companies for small businesses not seeking outside funding. It looks like Anna does. We could probably have a great discussion as to why I think what I do and she thinks what she does and would both understand why the other person thinks that, but respectfully agree to disagree. That’s why it’s vital that not only do you seek professional advice, but that you don’t just blindly follow their advice but try and understand the pros and cons of their advice and see if you and they are on the same page.