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Hi Fran

It is hard to say without having a look at your whole structure. There is a myriad of ways to go about it, but it looks to me like you have an Australian Based Website that ships to other Countries. That way you pay your Australian taxes and have the terms and conditions of your contract with buyers overseas make them responsible for paying and taxes levied outside of Australia. Your sale takes effect in Australia, so you pay GST on it. You are importing your stock into Australia, so you have to take care to meet all your import regulations

You could have the sale take place in Spain and you ship to Australia and make use of the under $1000 GST free regime. Spain can be unwieldy in its bureaucracy though, so maybe make use of another EU Country.

There are an enormous number of ways to structure an internet business
For example, did you know that some internet websites may be provided for you by a Singaporean Company, owned by an Irish Company, who pays royalties to a Dutch Company, which in turn is owned by a Bermudan Company. You might even through another Irish company in for good luck and a reduction in tax payable or ditch the Singaporean company.

Singapore has tax free under s$100,000 for first 3 years, 8.5% under s$300,000 and 17.5% for anything above that. That along with Irish Company Tax Rates of 12.5%, Dutch special tax treatment of royalties and Bermuda’s very friendly tax regime makes for a very happy internet company. Ireland you do need to put 25,000 euros in a bank account as bond if you do not have a resident director.