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It’s very pleasant to say. If you test it against a few norms it might fail, but it sounds good.

Could you tell it to someone on the phone without spelling it?

Probably not. It can get irritating when you have to continuously repeat the name letter for letter.

On the other hand you may benefits from this naming tactic in that it reinforces the brand in the mind of the person on the other end.

Does it describe what you do clearly?

Not really. For the domain name and social media accounts certainly stick to Evoko for the length and crispness. On your documents and website you might want to be called Evoko Creative.

I appreciate that without using 5 words it’s probably impossible to describe the business in a name, so just try to narrow down the possibilities as much as possible.

Evoko could be an eco-friendly African safari as much as a creative agency whereas Evoko Creative probably could not.

That being said I’m sure there are plenty of wild names to disprove the above.