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Sheldon Hampton
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Solly, post: 147314 wrote:
Hi mate, so you can actually build an app that can promote your own business to customers..


I have built a few apps using this platform I have added them to the web version of my app located Here

Anywhere from selling items using a cart feature hooked up through paypal to booking rooms, tables and appointments.

Once the app is on the App stores you can even start performing your own targeted advertising through the means of Push Notifications. The app owner can send out messages using 160 characters (The size of a standard text message) to phones running your app. This reaches the customers that are interested enough in your business that they have your app. I read a study not to long ago that said customers are more likely to act on your advertising if its on their own Mobile Phone. as apposed to ads they see on the TV, Newspaper or listen to on the radio.

I have recently finished an app for a night club. They are using the GPS Push Feature. They are running a promotion over the next few weeks where if you have their app installed on your phone you get a free shot with every 2 drinks you buy. They are over 1000 apps downloaded so far. Their intention in about a months time is to setup the GPS Plot feature that will send out a push notification to anyone that has the app installed on their phone if they are within X amount of Kilometers from the GPS location. “2 for 1 drinks for the next hour at xxxxx” everyone that has the app installed and within the specified GPS location will get that message. (If i got this message on a friday night at 10pm Id be going over there for half price drinks :D)

The nightclub built it them selves which cost them nothing and it costs them just $59 ($2 a day) a month for me to host their app and provide them with this GPS feature. Their app was only installed on iTunes, Android and Facebook.

I am in the middle of building an Online Training Area where people can come and watch some videos on how to create their very own app from start to finish. I am hoping to have this completed in the next few weeks.

I also build the apps for businesses that don’t have the time to build the apps themselves. I am currently in the middle of building an app for a restaurant. They want to have their full menu including pictures and custom buttons with the features of ordering takeaway and booking a table, a review section for customer feedback, Their Facebook and Twitter live feeds and locations on a map so that customers can find them. The finished cost is $1999 + $59 a month for hosting the app.

Sorry if I got off topic, When I start talking about some of the features that this platform can do I can go on for hours. Ill leave it at that for now :)

Let me know if anyone have any questions.