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Even that wouldn’t do nowadays. Some malware will rummage through your address book and email malware to your contacts on your behalf.
It’s not hard to work out what’s a legit email from a friend and what’s not. Like those messages on facebook very obviously posted by some sort of malware (“Check out what this girl did at her high school prom…”), anyone clicking in the link really deserves any issue that arises.

I have never seen a single email/facebook/online message that wasn’t blatantly obvious when it wasn’t a legitimate message. Now maybe I haven’t seen every single message/email ever, but I’m talking about over 15 years of being a computer/online user, and reading about all manner of issues people have come across.

It’s like those Nigerian scams… I mean, come on, how stupid do you need to be to be sucked in by those???

Seriously, if you imagined “real world” scenarios similar to the emailed one (ie. someone disguised as one of your friends knocks on your door at midnight shouting, “Hey, check out this porn DVD I have!”, you just going to just stick in the DVD to your player without first asking them what they’re on about?), you wouldn’t just do it. Why do people suddenly lose the ability to think just because it’s a computer?

Then there’s drive-by downloads to worry. You don’t have to open and downloaded files to get infected. Malware infected websites can utilise security holes in your web browser to automatically execute malware code on your computer without you knowing or clicking anything.

Again, it’s not hard to stay away from infected sites. In almost every single instance it’s common sense, and any other instance it’s simply having up to date anti-virus and firewall software.

Anyone remember the Anna Kournikova virus? It sent itself in an email to your entire address book when you clicked on the attached AnnaKournikova.jpg file.

(I clicked and I clicked and no images ever appeared. It was very distressing)

Great example! Why on earth would anyone have thought this was anything other than a virus or similar?? Seriously??? Like with most other “tools”, common sense should prevail over and above knowledge.


(And you can take offence at my “common sense” comment if you like, but in some area of life we all lack it at some stage or other. Mine’s usually after a few drinks and thinking I’m God’s gift to women or similar… ;) )