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I Love toying with the Scammers. (I’ve even been sitting at a clients home, when the call has come in and played along with the caller. The client was laughing so hard they started to cry.

  • I’ve pretended to do everything they are asking just to hear what thye are getting people to do exactly.
  • I’ve pretended to be a police detective that attending a murder scene (pinched that idea from a comedians act)
  • I’ve pretended to go alone with them but acted as though I’m not technology savy.
  • told them off.
  • used a faint beep sound on my laptop, to sound like i’m recording them, till they realised and asked about the sound, then quick hang up…
  • used a scratching sound as thou there is something else on the line and you tell them after a few minutes that you have successfully traced the call and will be there shortly.

I’ve even had scammer pretending to be from the ATO.

I usually keep going till they hang up. So if anyone has any more ideas, just PM them to me I’ll try nearly anything.