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My point is that nowadays, it takes more than just ‘common sense’ as hackers get more and more sophisticated with their techniques.
…and yet every time I hear about something happening, it could have (should have) been easily avoided.

There is a case where someone received an email attachment that said it was a Xerox scanned image from a Workcenter. She happened to be expecting one and tried to open it. Her computer started locking up in various manners.

What was the file extension of the attachment?
What was the email address it was sent from?

And the others… if you’re using a browser with serious security issues, or anti-virus and firewall software that isn’t up to scratch, then it’s not much different than driving a car that hasn’t been serviced regularly and has bad breaks, with insurance that doesn’t provide adequate coverage. Would most people do that?

Funny thing is, I visit all types of websites that would be regards as the “malicious” type, and for over a decade I have never been unable to avoid an issue, either by my browser, firewall or anti-virus warning me, or by using my head.

And the fact is, for all the more “advanced” issues you’ve mentioned, the overwhelming majority of issues are caused from someone saying “yes” to something they have no idea what it is. You’re saying that’s not just simple common sense? I’m pretty certain that if people took a moment to think about what they were about to do, just as they would do in the “real world”, 90% of issues that occur would be avoided.

But we can agree to disagree, I’m just providing an opinion.