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Regardless of the type of attack, intrusion or invasion, whether you have or haven’t had these types of emails, attachments etc etc etc, as IT people, it is our responsibility to make sure we look after our clients and at the end of the day it all comes down to 2 things:

  1. These people are out there and will continue to do what they are doing. They will evolve and we have to deal with it.
  2. BACKUP PEOPLE: I can’t yell it any louder…. IMHO If you get attacked, I’m sorry, but if we have to rebuild your machine/s and you don’t have any or a current backup, then I DON’T want you as a client.

Take care, be safe, think logically and spam you later….

OH Yeah: If anyone would like to donate to my “I’m still trying to find my missing FedEx & UPS parcels” cause, let me know…. Just kidding.