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Ouch, I know what this feels like – the first cut is the deepest and all that.

Here’s what I do now:

Firstly, making actual contact is the key – If your number is being blocked, try from a different phone, block your outgoing number etc.
If you are getting blocked by a gatekeeper, I have actually allowed the assumption of an incorrect name. I announce my name very quickly at the beginning of the call, before asking who I am after, then often the receptionist or similar will say something like ‘and it was Colin right?’ and you can just pretend you heard your name. This is a little sneaky, but if someone is avoiding your calls, in my opinion you have the right to be.

Next, if still not joy, I go down the route of writing a letter of demand, and mail it registered post, so it has to be actually signed for.

If still nothing after 7 days, I email a copy of a completed QCAT or similar state tribunal document, advising if payment is not received within 48hrs, this will be mailed and proceedings for a tribunal judgement will ensue.

In all honesty, if you get beyond this point with nothing, you are not going to get anything. As sad as it is, the cost to follow through on QCAT or similar is a few hundred dollars, so if the amount is anything less than $1,000 you have to write it off as bad debt.

Your final option is to hand it over to debt collectors, who will charge a percentage if and when collected. But their actions will pretty much follow the above anyway.

Hope this helps, and remember – you can waste a lot of energy chasing these things, or you can harness that energy to go and replace it with twice as much new income :)