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Hi Philip,

First I want to say this is one of the better eCommerce sites I have seen on here recently. The design isn’t flashy but very adequate and reasonably clean. All the basics of great sales sites are in there:

Free Delivery – So essential these days. If you run a store and don’t have free delivery you are losing haunting numbers of sales.

One Page Checkout – SUCH an amazing tool for conversion. Another absolute must for maximising profits.

Security & Trust Symbols – One of the customer’s biggest fears for online shopping is security. Getting trustworthy logos and reassuring statements in view is a big step to convincing them to buy from you.

Distinctive and Consistent Buttons – Showing the user exactly what you want them to do (Add to Cart) and teaching them to look for that colour button when they want to do something. I notice the buttons change when you get to checkout but I don’t think that is a huge issue as the buttons are clear enough.

Social Proof – Plenty of testimonials around, and a very cool one placed on the final checkout page. Helps people build trust again.

I’m sure there are other positives which I have missed, just wanted to note those for others who want to learn from your great example.

As for what you could be doing better:

1. Review the product page layout.

– The information layout is all wrong and will surely be horrible for conversions.

– Always remember the primary objective of the page is to educate the visitor about the product and convince them to add to cart.

– Reviews, social, comparisons and all that peripheral information can be pushed down the page.

– Get the Add to Cart button above the fold and as close to the content as possible, and make sure the price and Options drop downs are nearby. These are all part of one process so need to appear as such (1 choose option, 2 confirm price, 3 checkout).

2. Push for more leads with better email capture.

– Your email capture is hidden in the footer and even then the incentive is not clear.

– The signup incentive is much clearer on the product listings page, but then there is no email form in-situ. By asking people to go to another page to sign up, you may lose a considerable number of captures.

– I would think about a lightbox popup or popover of some sort. Something that appears to new visitors next to your Need Help? box or just appears over the content with a very distinct Cancel button. People don’t hate this as much as you think, and the number of emails you get is silly.

I’m sure there are a few other things that you could look at, but if you sort out the email capture and Product Details page, I think you will see sales go up considerably.

As a general note I think http://www.theiconic.com.au is one of the shining examples of eCommerce and conversion optimisation, so be sure to review their site in detail for inspiration and ideas.

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want to chat more.