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Great looking site and fantastic choice of shopping cart I believe ;)

I just two points

1) I disagree with the one page checkout always being a good thing. One of my clients recently disabled his one page checkout and his conversions went up.
I think it’s to do with the fact that you want your checkout to be easy and one page checkouts *can* be slightly confusing.
It depends on your market, obviously people shopping for mobile accessories will be quite tech savvy and may prefer a one page checkout.
Anyway, it’s something you should be able to test quite easily on Magento by changing to the default checkout and seeing if completion rates go up in the reports. Test, test, test.

2) A couple of boring yet simple technical changes just to help speed up the site/reduce load which may help your Google ranking
a) In your admin menu, go to System->Config
Click on the Advanced/Developer tab
Change the ‘merge javascript files’ and ‘merge css files’ to true. (see image)
Check the site is still working 100% (you may need to flush the magento cache), the merge css files is still beta I believe.

b) Minify those javascript and css files. I use the online YUI compressor for this.

By minimising load and http requests, you should get a slightly better response speed which Google is using in its algorithm now, apparently.