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Hi Karmah,

I would say it depends how you originally bought the 1300 number, and who has the ownership of it. All 1300 numbers sell through the government website http://www.smartnumbers.com.au you apply for a number and submit it to the next round of auctioning. Then it goes to the highest bidder. Once you’ve secured your 1300 number you can activate it with any 1300 number provider. I currently have 4 hooked up through Alltel its about $20 a months plus call costs.

Without knowing your call volume I can’t really say whether $300 a month is high or not, but it doesn’t sound cheap.

Now there are plenty of companies that technically rent the 1300 number to you, and increase the price month on month for the life of the client, if your one of these unlucky people, then you don’t own the number and can’t move it to another telco. If you sign up with the smartnumbers website you can search through the 1300 number directory and find out the ownership details. That would be a great place to start :)

Hope this helps!