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Hey Dan,

Firstly, congrats! I’ll certainly sling a vote your way!

Secondly, I’m pretty sure I’ve worked with you when you were with Webcircle? I run a voice over agency, Killer Kopy. So, if that is in fact you… Hi!

Lastly, noticed you are on the Goldie. I’m back in Byron and have opened a coworking space here, The Office Collective (running Killer Kopy from here). Drop in if you ever brave the Bay. :)


websitedesigner, post: 147319 wrote:
Hi guys I was recently nominated for this smarter business ideas small business blogging award.

I’m wondering if there are other FS members who are nominated? Here is a full list of the top 25.

If there are then perhaps we should start a thread with the people who are nominated so members can check out the blogs and decide who they want to vote for?