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Sheldon Hampton, post: 148216 wrote:
Hello Gab,

Thanks for the valuable information that you have shared with us. As an App developer and only becoming a recent member of the FS site, I am glad to see that there are so many small businesses here that are all willing to help each other out.

Apps are a very tricky market for any business to break into. With the tools that you provide it would have been great to know about you sooner.

I have just gone “live” with offering a cloud service to build a business app for free. The information that you provide would be an excellent tool for any business building an app. Apps are easy to make. However, its marketing which is the hardest part.

Great Post.

hey Sheldon thanks for the comment.
hit me up via my website and I send you a copy of the App store optimization book. I hope it helps. Cheers buddy