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asap2004, post: 147347 wrote:
Hi everyone. I’m yet to think of a business name for my new business but I’d like to start talking to potential suppliers and web designers anyway to get things rolling until I do come up with something. Will anyone listen to me if I haven’t registered anything yet? Should I register a company under any name (my own name maybe) and then use my eventual business name as a “trading as”? How does everyone else deal with this?


Hello Adele,

You cannot take operate a business if you do not have an ABN. If you do have an ABN (whether as a sole trader or a company), you cannot operate using a business name other than the business name that you have registered with ASIC.

You probably also have some questions about business structures and what’s the most appropriate structure for your business. Put it this way – your business is one matter, and your business’s branding, or name, is a different matter (although both are related).

My suggestion to you is that you should have a look at some of the other threads on this forum or on the website, particularly around company structure and business names.

Long story short – you should have a business entity set up and registered before commencing trade.