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Eng UNG, post: 147588 wrote:
To start out, a website is a must, it’s the simplest form of marketing your business even if you are just approaching potential suppliers at this stage.

try and get a domain name that matches your business name.

This is what is confusing me. I understand how important a website is but if I don’t have a business name yet, I can’t get a domain to match! So once again I’d be stuck with moving forward without the business name.

Truthfully I’m not that worried about getting a website up before talking to suppliers. Although mine will be an online business, I think suppliers will understand that I’m starting out and so I don’t have a website set up yet. I would like to have a draft website, so to speak, to show them (not live) so they can see the type of image and market I’ll be targeting.

I think I’ll be setting up a Pty Ltd company under my name or something along the lines of what I’ll be doing and using that to deal with people until I have my trading as name.

Thanks again for your advice. Everyone here is so helpful :)