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The Copy Chick
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Couple It, post: 147589 wrote:
Schmubtle…is that your next 9 letter word scramble solution? lol

Wendy :)

Hmmmmm… maybe…. maybe not. Guess you’ll have to wait and see ;)

And now that I’ve successfully hijacked this thread (first this thread… next the president’s private jet!!) maybe I should be a little more forthcoming with a “proper” answer to the OP.

Without giving all my plans away, I’ve identified a very specific niche I would like to target with my services and am putting plans together which I will submit with a proposal to the appropriate hierarchy to hopefully make it all happen.

This all ties in (quite unintentionally – but spectacularly well (the stars are aligned!!)) with the rebrand and marketing plans I am currently undertaking, which I’ll be ready to reveal in the next couple of weeks.

Essentially, I’d like for me and my business associate to be the “go to girls” for this niche nationwide, while expanding our services to this particular group.

Failing that, I may be forced to kidnap Richard Branson when he’s in Adelaide later this year, undergo a drastic makeover before taking over his life (he’s almost got the world domination thing in the bag already, so it should be pretty easy from there!) ;) :D