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Hey Kelly- first of the site is simple and easy to navigate which are two pluses!

You have the phone number clearly at the top and I like the business card effect.

These are my thoughts about the site so please take what you need and leave what you don’t!

Home page:

Move your ‘welcome to Aura Wellness Clinic’ Up so it’s the first thing I read. That should be the primary focus, and it’s quite a space down from Consultations are by appointment, at a time that is comfortable for you. I think you should move the ‘Consultations’ section to the bottom and have the welcome first thing so I know who you are and what you do before I move on to anything else.

The type face- Algerian- that you’ve used for your menu and headers, I would consider using less of a decorative font as at a really small size (as you can see in the menu) it becomes distorted. Menu’s normally work well with a simple sans serif.

Also, it will help your site to load faster and easier if you use type for your menus, instead of images. That way when I click it isn’t loading a lot of data. Just something to think about.

Site copy:
The purple can be a strain on the eyes, especially since it is a light purple. It tends to blend too much with the teal of the background- I would keep your copy a dark grey or black so it’s easy for me to read.

Also change the dark purple text on the left side panel, as dark purple on light purple make it really hard to read.

I’d personally like to know more about Services. At the moment you have brief topics but you don’t tell me what it involves or who it might benefit?

Contact Us:

Not sure why but the contact us information is in bold, when I think it should just be a normal weight.

Last thought:
An image of the therapists, or the centre, would be something I’d like to see. This is just something I prefer myself, especially since it is a Wellness centre and I want to know who/where I am going. It’s a personal experience I’m planning to have, and I think having that visual may help me connect with the business more.

I hope this helps! Good luck with it :)