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I do believe that B&M stores are failing because they are not evolving in the way they need to. Looking at one I am myself passionate about – Cycle Shops. Every knows that I can get cheaper bikes, parts etc. from overseas than here in Oz. I believe cycle shops need to embrace this. Instead of stocking bikes on credit from the bike companies, free up that floor space and focus on the areas that people cannot get over the net – servicing, repairs, training (fitness and servicing), parts fitting etc. If it were me, I would actually have internet terminals set up and linked directly to the best overseas sites – I would be serving coffee at the same time, so people would still be spending money. I would then provide pricing for the fitting of the new parts. I would still of course stock the essentials, like tyres, repair kits, tubes and so on, but to change thinking in this manner would allow bike shops to draw new revenue streams, and survive in the internet age.

Just my opinion though, haven’t had the opportunity to put this into practice… yet ;)