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Fantastic Response. There are 3 points that were made.

  • Embrace Direct Overseas import – Run retail store like a front for people to buy online and collect.
    I have seen UMART in QLD that is doing well selling computer parts like this. You have to order everything online and have options to pickup locally. It essentially becomes more a logistic set up. I heard there are some stores in NY that are purely try and exchange only – with all sales transactions online. Is this the future of B&M?
  • People still likes to hit the mall
    But are we seeing a diminishing number of small retailers in the mall?with predominate B&M owns by multi-million franchaise, chain stores and large department stores?
  • Niche and Differentiations –
    Here are we talking about selling things that no one else have online or offline so being niche? More original design focus type retail. E.g. Design your own dress, stain glass jewellery..etc. What other example of differentiations are there for B&M?