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Benny, I read this article yesterday which made some very good points about the issues B&M stores are facing in Australia. I’m also inclined to agree that it largely comes down to retailers being unwilling, or unsure, of how to keep up with the times and succumbing to the false economy of cutting costs in all the wrong places.

Some of the disadvantages of buying online are:

  • consumers not being ableto touch/feel products
  • colours are not accurately represented on a computer monitor
  • sizes may not be what was expected (I found this out the hard way when I bought a light fitting for my loungeroom from an online retailer)
  • it may be difficult to obtain adequate customer service
  • if buying from overseas, you may not have recourse should the retailer screw you over
  • consumers most likey have to pay delivery on top of purchase price
  • downloads aside, there can be considerable wait time for products to arrive

It’s these disadvantages that B&M retailers need to understand and exploit.

Cutting staff and reducing customer service is NOT the way to increase sales. And don’t get me started on those stores that don’t have an online presence then whinge because they’re losing customers to online retailers. Most people will be researching online looking for somewhere local and if they can’t find it, they’ll buy it online. If you can’t be found in that space, you’re not doing yourself any favours (but that’s a whole ‘nother rant).

I personally think there are some tremendous advantages for B&M retailers who are smart about how they set up and promote themselves.

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